Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's hot out there...

Whew! It's in the 90s today...very hot. The dogs and I went outside today so I could soak up the warm rays, however after 45 minutes, we came in...look at my poor babies...

Notice the foot spa in the back? I decided I deserved a little pampering so yesterday I had "spa day" after work with mani/pedis. And today....

Ta Da...

I got my hair cut off...seriously like seven inches. It feels so good! I had to take pictures of it all styled before I wash it and can't get it to do anything cute. I'm kinda dissappointed because I really wanted to donate it to Locks for Love, but since I'm going to look for a job and have a wedding and my class reunion coming up...off it goes. Besides it feels so much better in this hot weather. (Just ignore the dark roots...which I really don't understand why their there because I've been darkening my hair...not lightening it.)

Ok what else...I've been organizing my digital scrapbooking stuff in PSE Organizer. I actually moved everything to my EHD because my 40 Gb hard drive was stuffed. Andy just got a new desktop so I took my EHD there and burned all my kits and photos onto DVDs. So much nicer than CD. So I'm properly backed up and hopefully will be organized soon. Whoo hoo!

That's all for now...later gators!

Friday, July 21, 2006

I think I'll be ok...

It's been one week since I found out I was not pregnant...and what a week it was. If you aren't on DST, you wouldn't have heard that on Wednesday I lost my job. It was a mutual decision that I'd give my 2 week notice. I was in sales and I had to come to the realization sales was not for me, as it isn't for many people.

As you can imagine...it's been a tough week. I'm trying to regain my confidence, but fortunately I have been looking for jobs so my resume is out there...I do not doubt I will find something new...and hopefully something I'll love or at least like.

My depression has been horrible, but I'm working with my therapist. I think I'll be ok...

Regardless of my personal strifes, I have still been scrapping...which this blog is all about. I am so excited to be on Tracy Ann's CT. Last week, she released an A to Z album. I admit I've never used quick pages and thought I never would want to. I also always associated these type of albums as something a mom would create for her children. While I do not have children, I do have two loving dogs that I take TONS of photos of. And some of these darling photos never end up in my pages.

So I downloaded the album and started Kelvin and Dakota A to Z. I'm far from done, but you can see it in my DST gallery. Click on my title page below to see the album...check back as more pages are added...I'm lovin' this album!

To purchase this album (or find out how you can get it for FREE) visit Tracy's store here.

What else? Hmmm...Oh! I went to a chat at DST last night and won some awesome kits from Vera Lim! Here are previews of the two kits I picked out:

Aren't they gorgeous? I especially love Shabby Blue on the right.

Well that's all for now. I have a lot going on right now...but I will make it...I will be ok.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Negative...that's the message I heard this morning. I'm devestated.

I do appreciate all your well wishes and prayers. Thank you for all your support.

Should be sleepin...

But I can't...

So it's 2 a.m. and I'm sitting downstairs on my computer.

In about 6 hours I will go to the clinic for my blood test to find out if in fact I am pregnant. I'm so nervous already...mostly because I know that drop in the stomach when the nurse says "no...not this time." I'm dreading those words...I've heard them way too often over the past three years. I'm praying that this time the words will be different and that in nine months I'll be holding our child (or children) in my arms.

With all this struggle that I and so many of my friends have gone through, I'm absolutely amazed when I hear women getting pregnant so easily. Do you know how many things can go wrong? If you're a parent, please, say a prayer for your children...give them an extra hug today...watch them when they think you're not looking and appreciate everything about them (even when they're driving you crazy) Those are true, honest to God miracles you have there. Be proud...be oh so thankful.

Ok...getting emotional again...have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of that tomorrow regardless of the result.


Here are a couple new layouts for you...my first as a Tracy Ann CTM...

Credits: Bustle kit and black and white dotted paper from Figaro by Tracy Ann (available at Sweet Shoppe Designs), font-FG Otto, sketch by Gina Miller

Credits: Figaro kit by Tracy Ann (Sweet Shoppe Designs), note paper by Gina Miller (from Build Your Own Bulletin Board addon kit), font-FG William

As you can see I'm lovin' being on Tracy's Creative Team.

Well I think I'm going to try to sleep now...remember my request and please keep us in your thoughts.

Thank you.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A little tootin'...

I got a little surprise in the form of an e-mail this morning from one of my favorite designers...Tracy Ann Robinson. She asked me to be on her creative team!!!! Whoo hoooo!!!!

When I completely converted to digi scrapping from paper it was Tracy's designs that wowed me. At first I though...how can I give up my beloved paper...well it was easy after seeing Tracy's designs. In fact, Tracy's papers were the first I purchased. Thank you Tracy!

I also want to thank my good friend Stephanie for being such a supportive friend to me during my infertility struggles. Thanks sweetie!!!

And on the pregnancy note...only a couple more days until the truth. I'm very anxious! I've also been experiencing some cramping and I don't know how to take it. Nothing too severe or anything...still. I wish I just knew...or maybe I don't want to know.

Ok...I can tell I have to go to bed. I'm needing my relaxation classical music right now.


Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Happy 4th...

one day late....better late than never! (or so my life goes)

I'm feeling really good! I appreciate all the prayers and "baby dust!" I don't know why...I just feel very confident! Each night or whenever I have a quiet moment, I visualize the baby where it would be in my uterus...Now I'm getting close to implantation so I picture my lining accepting the baby and encouraging it to grow into our beautiful child (or children...there were four follicles remember).

It's so hard not to take every feeling in my body as pregnancy symptoms, because really it's only six days past ovulation and my body wouldn't be producing any. What I am feeling (bloating and swollen, painful chest) are from the hormones. My doctor even warned me of that so the only "sign" will be a positive blood test. The waiting is the killer.

How was your Fourth? We had many cookouts and lots of food...I made Gina Miller's fruit pizza (scroll down this link for the recipe). It was a HIT! I used strawberries, blueberries and banana for a festive 4th feel!

I did do some pages over the long weekend...so for your viewing pleasure (or not, whatever)...

Credits: Little Mai papers by IOD, staple by Kim Christensen, brushes-avh_Winter Grace, filter by Virtual Photographer, font-CK Rennessance

Credits: Boho Chic kit by Michelle Coleman; Florish brushes by Michelle Coleman, font-CK Stylish Black