Thursday, August 24, 2006

Please excuse me....

I have to toot!

The fabulous Angedawn has asked me to be a part of her CT! So you may notice a new blinkie in the next column!

I'm soooo excited! Thanks Ange for the opportunity!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

On a roll...

Well there's not much going on...but I've been on a scrapping roll...Tracy released three new kits this weekend...and they're incredibly beautiful. So here are three new pages I did this weekend...Thanks for looking!

I love this photo of Andy and Dakota looking over Devil's Lake.Credits: Zeek kit from Tracy Ann's Streetwear Collection (SBB); stitches by Gina Miller; font AL Professor

Credits: Minuet papers and bits and My Alphabet from "M" Collection by Tracy Ann Robinson (SBB); font: Susie's Hand

This is one of my favorites...
Credits: Mignon papers and bits and My Alphabet brushes from "M" Collection by Tracy Ann Robinson(SBB); Brushwear frames by Tracy Ann Robinson (SBB); font CK Rennisance

Is it horrible that I'm really loving my own gallery lately? I've just been really proud of my work lately. That's not bad right? Right?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What am I going to do next...

No I don't have a job yet...

I think I'm going to start tap dancing lessons...really!

I haven't tapped since I was six, but I've been wanting to take lessons again for a looong time. Besides it's a great way to get in shape...I'm pretty excited about it.

What else...I'm recovered from the weekend...sort of... but I do have two new pages to share...I used Streetwear kits again...LOVE these kits!

Credits: Moth from Tracy Ann's Streetwear 2006 collection; template by Gina Miller

Credits: Chill from Tracy Ann's Streetwear 2006 collection; circle brushes by Tracy Ann; paper tears by Steph; font-AL Professor

*Note: you can find a link to Tracy's store by clicking on the Streetwear preview in the previous post.

Well, Dakota's acting very odd right now...she was lying on the couch then she leaped over the arm and the end table, ran around the dining room table, upstairs, then came back downstairs and is lying on the floor panting at my feet. I think the fact we're living in a construction zone has a lot to do about it. (Our street is being torn up) she's under my legs...think she's a bit spooked...poor girl.

Monday, August 14, 2006

A little enabling...

Have you seen Tracy Ann's new collection? It went up for sale over the weekend at Scrapbook Bytes (you can click on the picture to go straight to her store were the complete collection is on sale). I was in a huge slump, but these papers and embellies are extremely inspiring and versitile. Here are a couple of pages I made with them...

Credits: Flit from Tracy Ann's new Streetwear 2006 collection.

And my personal fave...

Credits: Vibe from Tracy Ann's new Streetwear 2006 line; template by Gina Miller

You're tempted aren't you? ;) reunion was this weekend...and well...I didn't make it to the actual reunion. I had a bit too much beer at the mixer the night before and was pretty sick the next day...yeah...very bad.

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Stupid things I do...

{or why we leave bathing the dogs to the professionals...}

Ok...we were out of town at a wedding over the weekend so like every environmentally concerned couple, we turned off the central air...yadda yadda yadda. Anyway, if you've been reading my blog, you know how hot it's been in Wisconsin and while it has cooled down's still pretty hot. Well add two dogs to the mix and you can bet Andy, the dogs and I came home to a pretty smelly house on Sunday.

So on Monday, I Febreezed the couch, the air, the carpet, the pillows...everything. Didn't work...
so I wake up on Tuesday morning, wash the bedding and decide to conquer the smell at its source. Since I love my fur babies so much, I can't get rid of them, so I decided that Tuesday would be bath day! It was a beautiful day so the dogs could run around outside to dry. How fun, right?! uh...wrong...

Well, I bought new treats, covered the bathroom with towels and lured my first victim...Kelvin into the tub. Kelvin's little, doesn't mind water, stood still while I scrubbed his fur and his feet, but I went to adjust the water and in one single bound, he leaped over my shoulder onto the towels. Let me tell you, dogs are slippery when they're soapy and wet, but I grabbed him and got him back in the tub...I was happy I changed into scrubby clothes.

I finished rincing him off and picked up the slippery little noodle and shooed him out the door.

On to Dakota...

Dakota needs some more pursuation to get into the tub, unlike Kelvin, I can't lift her. So that's where the treats came in handy. She got in and I went through the same procedure....only Dakota's a little more stubborn...and wiley. I did a decent job then gave up and let her jump out.

She jumped out and shook herself off...only to layer the entire bathroom (and me!) in a half inch of water. Off she went outside and I was left with a bigger mess than I started with...

Lesson learned...leaving dog bathing to the's worth the money.

(and it didn't really help the smell)

So guess what I did this morning...I scrapped! Here are my two latest...

Credits: Simply Sketches (set 2) template by Gina Miller(GMD); papers and stickers-Design It Jostle by Tracy Ann Robinson (SBB); arrow from Mega Arrows by Tracy Ann (SBB); brush frame by Tracy Ann (SBB); stitching by Gina Miller (SBB); alpha brushes by Michelle Coleman (ScrapArtist); font-CK Artisan

Credits: paper, overlay, ribbon and brush-My Gypsy Rose by Michelle Coleman (ScrapArtist), flower-from Claire de Lune kit by Michelle Coleman (ScrapArtist), Vivid Color action on main photo from Photo Blast, font-CK Rennesance

That's all for now...Ciao!

Thursday, August 3, 2006 I am...

I was called out by Stephanie that I hadn't updated my hence she had nothing new to she DEMANDED that I write I am. Because I'm a good friend and I always listen and do what they say...yeah right! (Luv ya Steph! mwah!)

Anyway...I have the cutest photo to share today...

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Yep...that's my baby Kelvin in his Goucho Marx glasses...well actually they're Daddy's. Usually he's really good about dressing up, but this time...not so much. But it was so worth it, wasn't it?

Ahhh...what's new? We're heading to Michigan this weekend for Andy's cousin's wedding. I bought the cutest dress. I'll get photos and post them Sunday or Monday.

Oh...and my reunion's next weekend! I'm nervous...I admit it. I was really quiet in high school....and I'm not really anymore. ;D

No new scrap pages...Hopefully I'll have some beautiful stuff next week. I think that pic above is calling to be scrapped!