Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!!

Are you witches and goblins ready for candy? That's all I've eaten all day! I'm waiting for trick or treaters to come to our house...in my costume! I hope more come because I'll be eating candy for the next two months!

Andy and I had a blast at the Halloween party we went to on Saturday night...we didn't get home until 3:30 a.m. Now thats a party! LOL!

Here are a couple photos...

This is when we first arrived (notice lack of beer in my glasses). I'm a beer wench (bitch, whatever your preference) and Andy is a gorilla going as "The Moustashe," which is Andy's alterego and what he dressed up as last year.

Here's the group! The best costume is that in the lower righthand corner...Fudgums and the little girl from the Domino's commercials!

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Lover of words...

Occasionally, I'll just reminisce about things...usually in the shower. I love to float back and remember things and people that are important to me and how I grew up.

Today I was thinking about my love of reading and writing...words really. Books have always been a big part of my life. I credit this to my mom who always read to my brother and I. Steve and I would get into our pajamas, cuddle up with our blankets and favorite stuffed animals, while mom pulled out a well worn book.

As much she would try to pull out something new, we insisted on our favorites, which she read dutifully time and time again. We were repeatedly drawn to The Monster at the End of this Book, a story about a panda bear who loved his watercolor paintbox and I had a particular fondness for Cinderella.

My mom still has most of these books, especially Cinderella, which was our personal favorite. It's corners are worn and some of the pages may be bent, but that story is still the same.

Mom read that book so much that I had it memorized very early, much to the chargrin of my mom, who tried unsuccessfully to skip pages so I'd go to bed.

It was from this book that I had my first learning "a-ha" moment, as Oprah would call it. Although my mom had taught me to write words like "cat," "hat," and my name, I still hadn't quite put together the meaning of words and their connection that told a story.

My "a-ha" moment reminds me of that scene in "Miracle Worker" where young Helen Keller puts together the sign for water with actual water. In reality it's a complex idea, something I believe we take advantage of as adults.

The first word that I had that connection with was "room." It was on a page towards the end of the Cinderella book...a page that I really hadn't memorized. I don't remember the situation around my realization...I just remember the light...just like those cartoon light bulbs. But that light started an obsession...I wanted more and sought out words and their meanings everywhere I could.

After that I picked up reading pretty quickly. While many of my classmates were still reading board books, I had graduated onto Little House on the Prairie, which I completed in first grade, even though I didn't really understand the meaning of chapters. I just read each chapter as a seperate story.

In seventh grade, after learning my childhood idol Debbie Gibson would be playing Eponine in Les Miserables, I wanted to read the novel by Victor Hugo. I went to the library and found the heavy volumn and brought it to the checkout desk. However, the librarian wouldn't let me check it out. She said it was too advanced for me...it was a book for college students...not for a girl not even in high school. I took it out anyway. I didn't read it all the way through, but I did fall in love with the story especially Eponine's.

In tenth grade, I took out the book again...this time I read it all the way through...along with my required literature for class. I've read it many, many more times since...and now own the original version, the abridged version and a two-volumn version in French, as well as most versions of the Broadway recordings.

Yes, books and words have been a large part of my life. Reading is a powerful thing...so powerful it can unlock the entire world.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's been for-ev-eh...

But I'm back.

Didja like my picture? LOL! No that's not my Halloween costume...that's my husband's, without the dress that is. He's actually wearing a pin-striped three-piece suit with the gorilla costume! I'm going as a beer bitch...or bar wench...whatever you feel like calling me. I was looking all over for plastic beer mugs so I could carry several large mugs at once like they do at the Hof Brau Haus in Munich (without the weight of the glass mugs). My plan was to use one for beer, then the others I would fill with gold-colored Jell-O and top with Reddi Whip. So now I'll carry two glass ones both filled with beer...:D I LOVE Halloween!

I have great news!!! The awesome Teresa Ferguson asked me to be to be on her new creative team! I'm so excited to work with her designs...here's one that I've done already with a photo of my completely darling nephew...

Credits: Be True, Be You kit by Teresa Ferguson at Sweet Shoppe Designs

I've been itching to scrap...but I just finished the Miss Marinette Area pageant. My mom is the executive director of the pageant, and I am the producer/director/host/performer for the show. It was a great show...but I'm glad it's done for another year.

I also want to finish knitting my new hat...yes, I knit. The cold weather has refreshed my desire and a pink, cashmere blend yarn sitting in my stash was calling me to make a new winter set. I finished my 50" cable scarf over the weekend (it took me a week, only because I had to order and wait for more yarn). I did finish my hat, but it was too short so I frogged it halfway and made it longer. I also have a sweater started. Knitting is really relaxing and meditative....and it gives my eyes a rest from the computer screen ;). I'll post pictures when I've finished the matching cabled mittens.

Well I have to go find a photo of a donkey's ass...don't ask...it's for my husband...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Freaky Friday...

This is just ridiculous! I have a week before I have to host the Miss Marinette Area pageant and I can't control this hair! I mean, I know with PCOS I should expect some access hair...but this!?

I better make a waxing appointment...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Carrots are my new friend...

First I want to thank everyone who commented on my rant in the previous post. I really appreciate your understanding. I was really touched by everyone's posts and to all the people who are keeping Andy and I in your thoughts.

We haven't completely decided our next path, but we're...I'm...really leaning toward IVF. His only reservations are its effect on me. However, at this point, right at this moment...I'm not ready for IVF.

Which brings me to my title....got the cholesterol results today and its even less pretty than before...my total cholesterol was 252! Before we do anything...I need to get my body ready. Yes, I know I've been saying this for awhile, but that number scares the sh*t out of me. I come from a family with heart problems. I saw my dad suffer from a heart attack in his 40s.

So carrots are my friends...

Friday, October 6, 2006

Some people are just idiots...

How's that for a title, huh?

It's almost 1 a.m., so indulge me in a little rant...

Ok, today I went to the doc's for a routine choelesterol blood test and a med check...just routine stuff. Met with the doc...blah...blah...new meds...blah.

So the nurse comes in the room to draw my blood. I told her to use my right arm as that one's the best...then I made some sarcastic joke about all the blood being drained from my left arm. She looked at me oddly so I explained that I'd had a lot of blood drawn over the past couple years because of infertility treatments.

She pauses, gives me a sympathetic look and says "Oh, that's too bad...I have five." *Picture eyes bulging out of my head* I mean, WTF? How do you respond to that? Then she continues..."All I have to do is blink and I'm pregnant!" Well goody, f***ing goody for you! She's a f***ing nurse! How f***ing insensitive can you f****ing be? Then she gave me the "just relax" mantra...(Oh really...damn...You mean that's all I had to do?)

I hate people sometimes.

*Rant over*

Sunday, October 1, 2006

A new look...

Ok, I've had this blog for over 9 months now and thought it was time for a change...and since it's October and breast cancer awareness month...I'm going pink! I got this idea from this site Pink for October.

And I've been tagged by Julie. Since I also have two dogs, I'm going to go with her second tag...the five weird things about yourself and/or your pets...for your reading pleasure...

1. I will only eat Heinz ketchup. Don't even come to my table with a bottle of Hunt's...it won't be pretty...seriously.
2. When my cocker spaniel, Kelvin, is tired, he wants me to carry him upstairs to bed. If I don't, he'll eventually walk up the stairs, but do a tap dance on the wood floors by the bed until I lift him up anyway.
3. My lab, Dakota, can hear her daddy's truck turn on our street...I swear. She'll be upstairs and run down to the window...then I clean up quickly before he comes through the door.
4. My high school mascot was a Maroon...yeah...a color.
5. Believe it or not, Kelvin loves to dress up. I've gotten comments about my layouts with him in costume, but he really enjoys it! For example, he has a Hawaiian shirt...when I tried to take it off for bed he growled at me...so he slept in the damn thing! (He's going to be Batman for Halloween, BTW!)

Oh...I have to tag someone else...Steph? You're on!