Sunday, October 1, 2006

A new look...

Ok, I've had this blog for over 9 months now and thought it was time for a change...and since it's October and breast cancer awareness month...I'm going pink! I got this idea from this site Pink for October.

And I've been tagged by Julie. Since I also have two dogs, I'm going to go with her second tag...the five weird things about yourself and/or your pets...for your reading pleasure...

1. I will only eat Heinz ketchup. Don't even come to my table with a bottle of Hunt' won't be pretty...seriously.
2. When my cocker spaniel, Kelvin, is tired, he wants me to carry him upstairs to bed. If I don't, he'll eventually walk up the stairs, but do a tap dance on the wood floors by the bed until I lift him up anyway.
3. My lab, Dakota, can hear her daddy's truck turn on our street...I swear. She'll be upstairs and run down to the window...then I clean up quickly before he comes through the door.
4. My high school mascot was a Maroon...yeah...a color.
5. Believe it or not, Kelvin loves to dress up. I've gotten comments about my layouts with him in costume, but he really enjoys it! For example, he has a Hawaiian shirt...when I tried to take it off for bed he growled at he slept in the damn thing! (He's going to be Batman for Halloween, BTW!)

Oh...I have to tag someone else...Steph? You're on!


Stephanie said...

You stink! ;) I was reading your list thinking...haha I will only use Heinz too...haha her dogs are funny...haha WHAT? she tagged ME? Poop! ;)

Love the new blog header!

Teresa said...

So cute about the puppies! :) And I can definitely relate to weird mascots...LOL. What is it about the area we're from !? :) Great new blog header too- hope you have a great day!

Stephanie said...

Ok...I did it finally.

Julie (mrs2a50) said...

OMGosh, your dog ones cracked me up!!