Thursday, August 3, 2006 I am...

I was called out by Stephanie that I hadn't updated my hence she had nothing new to she DEMANDED that I write I am. Because I'm a good friend and I always listen and do what they say...yeah right! (Luv ya Steph! mwah!)

Anyway...I have the cutest photo to share today...

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Yep...that's my baby Kelvin in his Goucho Marx glasses...well actually they're Daddy's. Usually he's really good about dressing up, but this time...not so much. But it was so worth it, wasn't it?

Ahhh...what's new? We're heading to Michigan this weekend for Andy's cousin's wedding. I bought the cutest dress. I'll get photos and post them Sunday or Monday.

Oh...and my reunion's next weekend! I'm nervous...I admit it. I was really quiet in high school....and I'm not really anymore. ;D

No new scrap pages...Hopefully I'll have some beautiful stuff next week. I think that pic above is calling to be scrapped!



Funky Finds said...

what a great pic! i needed that laugh this morning :)

Stephanie said...

ROFL!!! That photo is hilarious!!!
You are such a good friend, thanks for listening to me and providing something to read. ;) hehe

Have fun this weekend. Can't wait to see the pics!

Steven (your Brother) said...

Cute pic! We already know he is a comic.