Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What am I going to do next...

No I don't have a job yet...

I think I'm going to start tap dancing lessons...really!

I haven't tapped since I was six, but I've been wanting to take lessons again for a looong time. Besides it's a great way to get in shape...I'm pretty excited about it.

What else...I'm recovered from the weekend...sort of... but I do have two new pages to share...I used Streetwear kits again...LOVE these kits!

Credits: Moth from Tracy Ann's Streetwear 2006 collection; template by Gina Miller

Credits: Chill from Tracy Ann's Streetwear 2006 collection; circle brushes by Tracy Ann; paper tears by Steph; font-AL Professor

*Note: you can find a link to Tracy's store by clicking on the Streetwear preview in the previous post.

Well, Dakota's acting very odd right now...she was lying on the couch then she leaped over the arm and the end table, ran around the dining room table, upstairs, then came back downstairs and is lying on the floor panting at my feet. I think the fact we're living in a construction zone has a lot to do about it. (Our street is being torn up) she's under my legs...think she's a bit spooked...poor girl.


Stephanie said...

Great LOs! HOT dress, sista! ;)
Tap classes...what a fun way to workout! I've thought about finding an adult ballet class. Oh how I miss to dance.

susan said...

I took tap dancing for the first time last year and loved it!! I never took it as a kid but it was fun! Go for it!!