Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Happy 4th...

one day late....better late than never! (or so my life goes)

I'm feeling really good! I appreciate all the prayers and "baby dust!" I don't know why...I just feel very confident! Each night or whenever I have a quiet moment, I visualize the baby where it would be in my uterus...Now I'm getting close to implantation so I picture my lining accepting the baby and encouraging it to grow into our beautiful child (or children...there were four follicles remember).

It's so hard not to take every feeling in my body as pregnancy symptoms, because really it's only six days past ovulation and my body wouldn't be producing any. What I am feeling (bloating and swollen, painful chest) are from the hormones. My doctor even warned me of that so the only "sign" will be a positive blood test. The waiting is the killer.

How was your Fourth? We had many cookouts and lots of food...I made Gina Miller's fruit pizza (scroll down this link for the recipe). It was a HIT! I used strawberries, blueberries and banana for a festive 4th feel!

I did do some pages over the long for your viewing pleasure (or not, whatever)...

Credits: Little Mai papers by IOD, staple by Kim Christensen, brushes-avh_Winter Grace, filter by Virtual Photographer, font-CK Rennessance

Credits: Boho Chic kit by Michelle Coleman; Florish brushes by Michelle Coleman, font-CK Stylish Black


Stephanie said...

I think I commented at DST on both of these, but they are awesome! I love the papers you chose for both LOs.

Yum...I love fruit pizza!

I'm praying for you and that implantation occurs and for everything else that goes along with this process. Oh, and that God protects you physically and emotionally. ((Hugs))

Gina said...

psst. Are you ok? I saw a post by Stephanie at DST that you were having a rough day. I am going to bed now, but I wanted to check-in!

Amanda said...

Good luck! I'll be thinking of you and praying for you!!