Friday, June 30, 2006

In God's hands now...

This morning we got up at 5a.m. for our hopefully last IUI. I stayed relaxed and it was actually an enjoyable morning. First we had to go to a hospital 30 minutes away so Andy could leave his...ahem...well ya know. Then we went to breakfast. At 8 a.m. I had a therapy appointment which was a coincidence. She went over some relaxation and opening techniques. It was great! Then we had to go back to the hospital where I had to pick up Andy's ...ya know. I held it in my hand to keep those little guys (or girls) warm, while we drove to another hospital (it was confusing today because of vacations and such). I had my mp3 players filled with relaxing classical music. The actual procedure took only a couple minutes and Andy held my hand the whole time. Then we sat for 15 minutes while I listened to music and pictured the sperm and eggs joining. Then we came home...Andy went to work and I'm laying on my back.

I'm feeling very good and confident this time. I'm going to continue meditating and visualizing. Keep us in your prayers!

And on a digi note...

Credits: Widget papers and collar by Sara Carling; photo turns: from Build Your Own Bullitin Board by Gina Miller

I just love these photos!


Stephanie said...

And HE has great hands! ;)

I've been praying on and off for you today. I prayed all the way home from work that God was working a miracle in you today. I hope we get to hear wonderful news in a few weeks!

Cute layout. Don't you love those widget papers? :)

Funky Finds said...

I hope things work out for you :) Love your family had a cocker spaniel, Sugar, for 15 years. Sadly she passed away last fall, but she was a great part of our family for so long!