Friday, June 23, 2006


So yesterday my day started with a disturbing sight...The dogs woke me up early (and believe me I was tired) so I let them out...after rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I glanced out of the kitchen window to see the dogs huddled near the corner of fence with a fluffy stuffed animal. (ok...see where I'm going with this)

Only the "fluffy stuffed animal" was moving and letting out tiny squeals. I pounded on the window screaming "NOOOOOO Kelvin, NOOO!" Dakota, the lab, just watched as Kelvin "played" with the terrified bunny. I ran out screaming (note this was 6:30 a.m.) Poor bunny stopped moving and Kelvin hid behind a tree. Dakota nudged it with her nose wondering why it wouldn't play anymore.

By that time, Andy came out of the house and made me go inside. I ran up to our room and shut the door and cried into my baby is a killer. About 10 minutes later, Andy came up to assure me it wasn't Bugs yeah...thanks dear.

I couldn't look at my little guy all is a little bit better. But I still won't let him give me kisses.

This week has flown mom is here for Miss Wisconsin and last night was the first show...there is one more night of prelims then Saturday are the may wonder why I'm so involved. My mom is the director for Miss Marinette...she got into it because I was Miss Northeast Wisconsin and competed for Miss Wisconsin in 1999. No I didn't place or anything, but now I still help out by writing, producing, hosting and performing the Miss Marinette pageant every fall.

I'll leave you with a photo of my pageant days....ahh the memories...

This is the only photo I have on my computer right now, but you should see the color of my hair...I was a redhead while I competed.

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Stephanie said...

Yikes. What a traumatic morning that was! I would probaby react the same way if Sheba cornered a little bunny.

Hope you are having fun with your mom and all the events. :)