Monday, June 19, 2006

Tonight it starts...

After a six month "vacation" from fertility woes, tonight I will start to give myself injections to prepare my body for insemination next week. I'm ready...I hope. So no alcohol, no coffee...but it's worth will be worth it.

This is my second cycle with injectables. At first I was terrified...I hate looking at needles going into how was I going to stick myself in the stomach? It's really not bad at all. I use a "pen" with really tiny, thin needles. It's so easy. Really.

So this all starts on girls night out...Martinis and Manicures at the local restaurant. So only a manicure for me and hopefully they can make me a yummy non-alcoholic martini!

I'm scared...I'll admit it. This is such a horrible matter what anyone says. You really have to be optimisic, but at the same time you have to protect your heart from dissappointment.'s a loss. For two weeks after the IUI, IVF or whatever, you hope, you believe theres a baby...your baby...your love your child, but then you may learn that your child was never really there in the first's horrible. Infertility sucks! There's no way around just sucks! Simple as that.


Ok, on to digi news...there's a new chat site...thanks to Shannon! Visit it here DigiShop Talk! So much fun and since its not affiliated with any store there are no rules about posting links and sales. However, I am a little sad about I'm going to let this drama all blow over, then continue to visit. But I have a feeling DigiShopTalk will become a new home!

Ciao ladies!


Stephanie said...

You're right, it just plain sucks, period. You have a good attitude though and you are taking care of yourself and I think that is great! Yes, let's start writing a funny book about all our infertility crap. I bet we would make a killing. LOL! I made Mark give me my tummy injections. Don't forget to ice for 5 helps a lot. ((Sending up baby prayers for you!!))

susan said...

Some more baby prayers coming your way!