Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Feeling more positive...

Ok...I'm starting to feel better mentally and more positive about everything. Even, dare I say it, excited? I'm really taking care of myself. I'm not letting myself get stressed.

As I said, I gave myself my first injections last night...not a problem. And the restaurant did make me a non-alcoholic drink for my martini and manicure night out with the girls. And it was yummy! It was a fun night...we had about 14 ladies. Fun night...hopefully more to come!

Miss Wisconsin is this week so I'm busy with that. Tonight my mom and I are going to a dinner for the contestants. Tomorrow is the parade and Thursday the show starts. It's a fun week...and I get to dress up and look pretty :D.



Stephanie said...

Staying stress free is key! ;)

I could use a pedicure night. Not sure what drink starts with a "P" to go with it though. LOL

Have fun with your mom and the Scholarship Program...er...I mean Pageant this week! hehe

Melissa said...

Good luck with your injections. I did the whole infertility route for 5 years and hated everything about it! It's hard, but hopefully you will become pregnant.