Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My DH's second favorite part of my cycle...

Giving me my HCG shot 48 hours before IUI. I think he enjoys this a little too much...ouch! His first favorite part? Getting his "numbers" before the actual IUI. *insert eyeroll*

I spoke to my doctors nurse this morning...who, btw, is the sweetest person ever!...and she told me she has a really good feeling this time! I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but Andy and I have a girl name picked out...Maya. (Oh...I just love seeing it!) Well I've been seeing and hearing this everywhere for about a month now. (Spooky...even as I write this...)

I've been exhausted lately though...but I'm letting myself relax. I'm actually loading my mp3 player with tons of my favorite classical music as I write.

I do have a completed scrap page...speaking of my DH...I just love this photo!

Credits: Blue Days papers by Tracy Ann Robinson (Scrapbook Bytes), brushes by Stacy McFadden (available with Tracy Ann's papers at SBB), PhotoBlast filters, based on sketch by Gina Miller.

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Stephanie said...

What??? I thought I was the sweetest person ever! LOL

Huge eyeroll from over here that his favorite part is getting his numbers! Too funny. Men!

Great LO! I'm sure Andy loves it too. :)