Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If you wait until a few days before Christmas

to order your gifts and have them sent by US mail...don't bitch at me that you have to pay an additional $11.95 to get it there on time!

*whew* Had to get that off my chest. But yesterday was my last day doing customer service! Yea! Most people were really nice, but I had my intelligence questioned one too many times to actually enjoy the job. I can't help it...I'm a nice person and tend to take things's just what I do.

Can you believe that Christmas is less than a week away?! I'm excited. Ok...this may sound horrible...but I LOVE presents! I love getting them I love giving them! I just love everything about them! Please don't think anything less of me. :D I'm especially excited this year because I *think* I'm going to have the digi-scrapper's dream of a holiday.

Today I'm going to do my baking...I'm making traditional sugar cut-outs and spritz. I'm also going to make Super Easy Fudge, which really is super easy...thanks to the Betty Crocker cookbook. Then I have to do laundry :( (My worst chore)

Well...I'm going to leave you for's a photo of our Christmas tree, which is the most beauiful Christmas tree I've ever seen!


Stephanie said...

That is a beautiful tree, but I'm a tad partial to mine. ;)

Uh, what does this mean? "I *think* I'm going to have the digi-scrapper's dream of a holiday." Are you getting a new laptop or a new camera or what????

My cookie day is coming up later this week. Probably Friday. But I did grind up the walnuts last night. :)

ksharonk said...

Oh wow, your christmas tree is amazing! Enjoy Christmas, enjoy the present ... hope Santa is very good to you! ;)