Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome Maya and Maxwell!!!

They're here!!!

Actually today they are 4 weeks old already! My due date was June 7th, but early in May I had to go to the hospital with pre-eclampsia (or high blood pressure). I was put on strict bedrest.

On the 12th I went in to have my blood pressure checked again and sure enough it was very high. I was immediately admitted to the birth center and by 6 p.m. I had two adorable babies via c-section at 36 weeks and two days.

Both Maya and Maxwell were sent to the NICU because of respiratory problems and were there for two days. We were so happy when they were released to my room!

Life since then hasn't been the easiest...there's been a lot of poop, cries (for them) and very little sleep (for us), but there's nothing like the feeling when I pick one of them up when they are crying and they calm down in a couple seconds and cuddle into my chest. I can't wait to see their first real smiles (although I've caught little previews when they are deep asleep!)

Sorry this is so short, but there hasn't been much time for the computer, as you can imagine! I did design their birth announcements above though.


Stephanie said...

YAY!!!! I'm so glad everything is going along normally. You know, as normal as having twin newborns can be. ;) Love them! I have to tell you that Max is our #1 boy name so I just love the names you guys picked! I hope you'll be getting more sleep soon, which will mean a bit more computer time too. xoxo

Teresa said...

Oh, how fabulous are these little bundles!!! Congratulations! I've been waiting for this announcement. :) Ella is 3 months today and the computer time is still gone. LOL Just love 'em and cherish every little "first". If you ever need a new mommy chat (for any reason), you know where to find me. :) Big hugs!

Jennifer Woodbury said...

Congratulations! They are both precious!!

Journey to our baby said...

Cute!!! Love the announcements and can't wait to see them next!

Katie said...

saw your comment on the daily digi today and here is my answer :)

Melissa -

Many craft stores have envelopes that are the perfect size for home printed cards. Look for envelopes that hold a 4.25 inch by 5.50 inch card. Or if you want to get really crafty, there are templates out there to use for making your own envelopes!

Melissa Says:
January 16th, 2010 at 11:05 am edit
Thanks for the post today. I especially like your ideas on printing cards at home. I do this often, but what do you do about envelopes?