Tuesday, January 31, 2006


It's no secret...I love coffee. Addiction is a strong word...but I love the smell, the taste...I look forward to it each morning.

When did it begin? College. I was going to a school that built it's own coffee house on campus. My first visit was a turning point in my life. It was late in the day and I was leaving the union after choir rehearsal and noticed it was open. The choices! This wasn't my mom and dad's coffee. I puchased a vanilla mocha...and I remember the smooth, sweetness and the warmth through the paper cup. I was hooked. Each day I stopped there before class and soon I was calling my parents because I had no money left for food.

Of course, I realized I couldn't drink coffee-house coffee each day because I'm not a rich person, especially in college. I tried making my own at home...not the same. But, I love a good cappuccino from Starbucks or Pilora's, a local coffeeshop.

Years later, I'm married and in Brazil for New Years. I had a wonderful time...the sun, going to the beach in January...but the coffee. I had been cutting back, but the Brazilian's know coffee! They have cafezinho, (click the link to learn more about it), it's a kind of like an espresso. So, So good! When I got back to the states, I stopped drinking coffee completely, except for my occasional cappuccino, because nothing compared!

My quest for great tasting coffee at home came to an end this weekend. My parents bought me a Senseo coffeemaker for my birthday. Yum! This thing brews one mean cup of coffee...frothy and rich. Maybe a little more expensive than using a drip machine...but I haven't bought a cappuccino since I received it. Not that I can give up my cappuccinos, completely, but I can now enjoy a great cup at home.

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Susan said...

Oh me too! And you love another of my favs too - knitting! Love both of your blogs!