Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Toy

Well not really new...but I'm still playing. For Christmas, my parents got me the Wacom Graphire4 (4x5). Did I need it? No of course not, but I love it! It makes it easier to make selections in Photoshop Elements. I also have more control erasing and distressing photos and digital papers and using the dodge and burn commands. Tonight I wanted to explore the bundled Corel Painter Essentials. The idea of creating paintings from my photos really appeals to me and using filters in Photoshop doesn't always give me the look I want.

this is the product of my experimenting and the original photo. I'm excited to continue experiementing with this program. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of documentation or books on this slimmed down version of Corel Painter. I'm just doing a lot of trial and error.

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