Monday, September 25, 2006

A little of this, a little of that...

If there is one good thing about me looking for a new job (which is going very slowly, BTW.), I am becoming a pretty good cook. In fact, Andy was actually complaining this weekend because he hasn't had a frozen pizza in about two weeks. Well not complaining per se, but he doesn't know what to do with all these extra nutrients he's getting.

Meanwhile, I'm loving cooking. And if you knew me in real life, you'd probably be falling over right now (because, yes, until now, my husband has subsisted almost solely on frozen pizzas and Pizza Rolls...and an occasional Saturday afternoon sandwich). It's like art. I love using spices! I experiment all the time. For instance, I put just a tad of cinnamon in tomato sauces. Have no idea where that came just sounded good and it was. Here's a partial list of some dishes I made over the last week or so...
  • Beef roast (prepared in crockpot)
  • Ravioli lasanga (got the idea from watching the Today show, but really just made it up after that)
  • Chicken tortilla soup (this recipe has been traveling around the digi community--but I made it spicier with jalapino peppers, jalapino juice and Louisiana hot sauce)
  • Barbeque chicken breasts
Yeah, simple stuff, but I'm cooking and that's all that matters. I've also made four loaves of Gina's pumpkin bread. The first batch I made according to the recipe, but the second I left out the raisins (I'm not really crazy about them). This is the yummiest bread I've ever eaten. And there are two ways I eat it...depending on the time of day. If I eat it for breakfast, I'll heat it up slightly and smear it with plain cream cheese. If I eat it later in the day (dessert), I cut a slice put it in a bowl, heat it up and put a couple small scoops of vanilla ice cream on it. OMG!!! Delish!

I've also completed a couple more layouts. I used Tracy Ann's new Elements set available here at SBB.

See Credits here

See Credits here

Also you have to see this new collection by Tracy Ann...she just released it this morning! Tell me you wouldn't just use these over and over again!

Click here to purchase! (You know you wanna!) Aren't they gorgeous! Wow!

That's it for today...I'm nursing a headache. Blech!


Heather aka MuddyPawPrints said...

That pumpkin bread sounds so good I will have to go to get the recipe!

Love the dog LO's! Especially the warlock, lol!

Nancy Comelab said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of cooking! Lol... you will have to share some recipes as you go along!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe my bloglines didn't update me that you had posted! ;)

Email me anytime you need more recipes to try. My IRL friends call me Betty for short. lol, but seriously they do. And my husband acts like it is the end of the world if I throw a frozen pizza in the oven once every other month! I'll definitely try the pumpkin bread recipe here soon. It just sounds like fall. :)