Wednesday, September 20, 2006


That's how I feel...just ugh. Just give me a bag of tortilla chips, bowl of chili con queso and a box of chocolates (the good stuff) and I *may* feel better. know it...




Or so I think...who really knows...I think its worse with PCOS. Stretchy pants and blankets for me...and this is bad...I hope Andy doesn't come home from out of town today, just so I don't have to clean.

But yesterday I did run a mile and a half. I took up jogging a couple weeks ago...I actually really like it...I'm not stressing out about it though...I have a two mile route and I jog and walk whenever I need to...but yesterday...I just kept going. Yeah...I hurt like hell, but it really made me feel good. I try to run more than walk each time, but if I don't...who cares...there's always next time. My driving music? P!nk's I'm Not Dead and Try This CDs.

No job yet...But I did just apply for a position of "Pop Culture Reporter." fun, eh? Maybe this will be the one?

Scrapbook Bytes Element Team layouts

Credits: Papers and Elements are from Backyard Days kit by the Scrapbook Bytes E-Team; Inked overlay by Carrie Stephens from SBB E-teams' Change the World kit; fonts are Hootie and FG Adam.

Credits: papers and elements from "Emotion" by Scrapbook Bytes Element Team (SBB), font-Susie's Hand

Angedawn Layouts

This is my brother and I after carving pumpkins...he was two and I was three. He's crying because he dropped his...I'm smiling because he dropped his! *Wink*
Credits: papers, alpha, stamps, ribbon from "Eighteen" by Angela Barton (Sweet Shoppe Designs); staples by Heather Roselli from "Toddler Time" compilation kit with Angela Barton (Sweet Shoppe Designs); tag (recolored) by Gina Miller from Fall Flower kit (exclusive from DigiShopTalk); fonts-Maiandra GT and Zitcream.

Tracy Ann Designs

Credits: papers, paper swirl, flowers, ribbon from Victoria by Tracy Ann Robinson (SBB); layered template (with stamp and stitches) by Janet Phillips (DigiShoppe); string by Gina Miller (from Fall Flower kit); font is CK Renaissance; tag-my own design; distressing on background with brushes from Distressing Kit by Nancie Rowe Janitz (ScrapArtist); drop shadow actions by Traci Murphy (Traci Murphy Designs); filter on photo-Virtual Photographer

That's it for now! Ciao...


Stephanie said...

PMS sucks! UGH is right. I wish I could send you a big fat chocolate bar right now. ;)

I'm loving all your layouts!

Anonymous said...

What a cute, darling bebe. What beautiful layouts.