Sunday, September 19, 2010

Really want to win this...

Yeah, that g.c. for the Photoshop actions! Here's a link:

I'm slowly working on starting a small niche photography business. At the kids first birthday party, I wanted to take all these photos...but I was also party hostess and coordinator and didn't have time or opportunity to grab the camera for many shots. Also, these were my kids! I didn't want them to look at the pictures in the future and wonder why Mommy wasn't at their party.

Thankfully my sister in law stepped in with my camera and caught a lot of those precious moments we can look back on, but what about the other moms out there?

My business is still in the works as I work on marketing, pricing and a portfolio. I've shot a couple events already and am happy to report that everyone has been pleased with my work.

More later! This contest has been a great motivator for me to get back to my blog. :)


karooch (from Scraps of mind) said...

Good luck in the contest Melissa. And hope all goes well for your new business.

Jim said...

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