Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Happy Birthday to One Foxy Momma....

And here she is...

Credits: papers-Garden Treasures 2 Cherry Blossom by Gina Miller; stitches-Stitch Essentials:Revamped by Gina Miller; fonts-CK Renaissance and CK Regal
Don't I come from one good looking family? Yes, this incredibly young woman is my mother! She would kill me if I told you her age, so I won't...but you seriously wouldn't believe me anyway. Isn't she gorgeous?! Love you Mom!
And since I'm a multi-tasker, I couldn't resist using Gina's beautiful Garden Treasures line when making this card/layout. I LOVE these new stitches also! They are so realistic and you get so many colors and styles...so you must go to Scrapbook Bytes and pick these babies up! You won't be disappointed!
Now for your friendly driving report---don't speed!
Yesterday I was driving back home, minding my own business...thinking of new layouts and scrapping ideas (what else do you do in the car?)...when a friendly state trooper stopped me to point out I was going 60 mph in a 50 mph zone. When I get pulled over...I don't argue...Yes...I was going too fast...No...I'm not rushing anywhere. Fortunately for my driving record (which is completely clean now) he gave me a warning. And I will be thinking of new scrapping ideas only in the shower were I cannot hurt anyone...lesson learned.
I also want to thank Stephanie for her sweet congratulations yesterday! We actually met through Gina's blog and have become great friends! Thanks Steph!


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful birthday layout for your mom! She's going to love it!! I was thinking yesterday about when I would break down and buy Gina's new stitches. Soon, probably very soon. LOL!

Stephanie said...

And...awwww you're too sweet! Maybe we should send Gina a thank you card for bring us together? LOL!

Shannon Bieger said...

Happy birthday Melissa's Mom!

You're a smart girl not to argue when you get pulled over. I never understood why people did that. It's just gonna irritate the cop!

P.S. I was reading below, I loves me some Janis Joplin! I've got her greatest hits!