Thursday, May 4, 2006

Perhaps I'm nuts...

Maybe I'm setting myself up for punishment...I really don't know.


I entered the Ultimate Digi Scrapper contest. *hide under a blanket*

*peek out*

I really don't know what to expect...I mean 377 scrappers entered...and only 200 will go on to the next round...that's my make it to the next round.

I stayed up late last night working on my entry...this week we have to feature our best photo. Due to the rules of the contest, I can't post my layout here, but you can see it by clicking here.

From there you can click on the gallery and see the others' ladies work...there's some stiff competition here!

I used this photo before, but my layout had to be new. The page looks simple, but it actually took me 2 hours. Is it too simple? What do you think?

I LOVE this photo though. It's of Andy playing in the dunes last summer. This photo represents everything I love about him...his fun-loving nature, especially.

I'll find out on Sunday if I make it to the next level...wish me luck and if you get a chance leave me some love...


Funky Finds said...

It's absolutely fantastic! The photo is so moving...I think you did it justice! Not too simple...just right! Good luck. And don't be hard on yourself at all! You're talented.

Stephanie said...

It's an awesome photo and a wonderful layout! Excellent job! No fretting about it, ok?