Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Yes, it's true...

In less than two weeks I will make my first trip over the ocean to Germany. When I said in my last post I was surprised...I really was. This is the sixth time Andy has gone since we've been married for work and I never had a chance to go before. So when this trip came up, I assumed I would have to stay home again....nope...Andy surprised me Friday night by telling me he had tickets on reserve if I wanted to go. The conversation went like this...

"I have a proposition for you," said Andy.

This never leads to anything good. Usually this means I have to do some kind of manual labor.

"What?" I ask.

"Wait a minute," he replied and stepped into the bathroom.

Eye roll from me.

"Am I going to like it?" I call a minute later.

"No," he shouted. "Leave me alone for a minute."

Toilet flush, water runs and the door opens.

"What is it?" I'm getting impatient now.

"How would you like to go to Germany with me?" he asks.

Then he lists a few requirements...I would be alone at the hotel one day while he works, I may be on a different flight...yada yada yada...

"So wanna go?"


"Your tickets are on reserve."

"Um yeah...I wanna go."

And that's how I came to go to Germany...in two weeks...I'm still in shock :D

So anyway...I've been doing some scrapping lately. This weeks Ultimate Scrapper assignment is going to be a tough one...I need to take some more self portraits and sure enough I have a huge zit! Then I realized...I have healing brush...Why can't I have healing brush in real life?

I have done a couple using Gina Miller's designs as a part of my obligations as a guest creative team member:

Ok...I'll have to post these tomorrow...Blogger has other ideas...Come back then...

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Stephanie said...

ROFL!!!! I love his proposition...especially how he laid it out so glamourously! LOL.