Friday, January 26, 2007

CT News, a tag and some other things...

{Project 26}

So did you rush to see Tracy Ann's new collection this morning? Project 26 was released today in honor of Australia Day. And it is awesome! You have to download her free catalogue/newsletter (click on her name above) and see all the work she's done. It is filled with inspiring layouts from her creative team...just pure eye candy!

Here are a couple of layouts I did that appear in the catalogue:

Credits: Bondi from Project 26 by Tracy Ann Robinson; pin from Bedazzled by Tracy Ann

Credits: Fremantle from Project 26 by Tracy Ann Robinson; Photo Bend template by Debbie Knorr

Credits: Her Majesty from Project 26 by Tracy Ann Robinson

{New CT News}

I was pleasantly surprised by a PM from Dielle at DST asking me if I'd be interested in a guest CT spot for Toni Berman designs. Coincidently, Toni's MIL was my second grade is that for a small world?

You have to see these awesome new date tickets:

Can't you just picture these on your layouts? I feel bad that I haven't done a layout yet, even though it's all sketched expect it this weekend.


Ange has created these fabulous shadows for your ribbon embellishments...

Don't they look more realistic than the drow shadows in Photoshop?

{Teresa Ferguson}

If you already didn't know, Teresa's layouts are some of the best out there! That's why her templates are so awesome!!! I love using them. In the last week she released her second set of 4x6 templates:

{SBB E-Team}

The fabulous designers on the Scrapbook Bytes E-team created Frosted Friends for January. One of my layouts Chilly Willy is posted below, but here is another one I did...

Look at my little (eh...big) Snow Princess! To make it look like she was stepping out of the frame I layered the frame over her photo then lowered the opacity of the frame. Then I just erased the frame where Dakota showed through. After I finished I upped the opacity back to 100%. That's it!

{A Tag}

Gina tagged me the other day (thanks girl!) So without further ado...

5 Cool Things About Me

  1. I'm obsessed with Broadway musicals, especially Wicked. (Is that cool?) My dream would be to play Elphaba in Wicked. I saw the show twice in Chicago within 6 months...the second time with Ana Gastyer (sp) as Elphaba.
  2. I love learning new computer software. I'm self-taught in Photoshop and am now working my way down the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite.
  3. hmmm...this is hard... I competed in Miss Wisconsin in 1999 (in spirit that Miss America is on Monday night). My talent was singing and I sang "Home" from the Broadway musical Beauty and the Beast. My title was Miss Northeast Wisconsin (however, I was a resident of Michigan)
  4. My husband is half Brazillian. His mom came here with her family when she was 12. We spent New Years there in 2004! So yes, that means I have a latin lover...;)
  5. I used to be deathly afraid of dogs. In fact, it was a black lab who jumped out at me as a baby that instigated this fear. My next notable encounter with a dog was when a cocker spaniel wandered into our yard and proceeded to chase me off our porch. Ironically, I now have a black lab and a cocker spaniel.

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes last weekend! You ladies really made my day.

Well I had meant to talk about so much more (boy am I chatty this evening) but I'll give you girls a break! More this weekend, including my new workout program, which I actually love. Yes, I said love and workout in the same sentence.

Ciao babes!


Juzahlyn said...

love love love the Project 26..they are all gorgeous..lucky you get to be in her CT hehehe sooo soo jealous

Welli Designs - Sonja said...

that project26 is too cool !! Looks just awesome.
Nice to read those 5 things about you :-)

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

That project 26 is the ad. very cool!! You did an awsome job here with these kits!

Love the tag!!
have a great weekend!

Shabem said...

Congrats! Toni is sweet isn't she.
You're so gorgeous girl.
It's interesting to know cool things about you. TFDB!

Mandy said...

Awesome layouts! Congrats on your new CT gig, too!!

Paula May said...

That's a really neat tag that you did! And thanks for all the news! :)

Lee said...

Thanks for the heads up on Project 26, the layouts are fantastic and I saw your beautiful layouts in there too.

Congrats on CT guest spot too.

Yen said...

Project 26 sounds really cool! :) And you did a great job with it! And awesome layouts you have! Congrats on your new gig!

Belated Happy Birthday!:)

Stephanie said...

Wow! Your LOs are just these days! :) And a Latin lover...yummy! LOL

Gina said...

I'd love to hear you sing!!! Beautiful new layouts by the way (in the above entries!)