Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A new layout...

I actually scrapped again last night! You know it really does make me feel better...I think I was going through withdrawls.

Anyway...I wanted to finish Gina's sketch for Scrapbook Bytes which is due Thursday...thank goodness this was a two week challenge! I had photos of an art project Oshkosh took part in two summers ago so I thought the sketch was perfect for these, but I wanted to do a two page spread...I'm rather proud of it...what do you think?

Credits: Papers-ChocoBerry by Angie Briggs; daisy brush--my own design infertility treatment has been moved back...probably to June. Andy has to go to Germany for work the week we'd probably have to go in. I'm dissappointed, but I'm actually going to go part time with my job starting in June so it will work out anyway. So that's where we are today. stomach is finally used to the Metformin so life is so much better.
Well...there are weeds that need to be pulled and seeds that need to be planted...Ciao!


Shannon Bieger said...

Great LO! Scrapping is so therapeutic, isn't it? I'm sorry that your TTC efforts are put on hold. You seem to have a wonderful attitude about it though and I think that will only help your chances! You don't need additional stress. And May is just around the corner which means so is June!!

Stephanie said...

Love the LO! As we both know, God works in His timing and maybe this extra month is exactly what is needed. Since you'll only be working part time in June you'll have less stress and more time to relax and "Enjoy the Process" as Rhonna says. hehe

Did you get your seeds planted?