Monday, February 27, 2006

Life as Usual

We've been back from vacation for almost a week and things are finally getting back to normal. Kelvin is on vacation still with Grandma and Grandpa. Dakota and I are taking advantage of wireless Internet and doing computer stuff in bed. I'm actually backing up my original layouts in psd format to CDs. It's taking FOREVER! Not many actually fit on a disk...I know...I need an external hard drive....but I've spent so much money lately...


I took advantage of the quiet evening with Dakota and the Donald (as in the Apprentice) and settled in for a night of scrapping. I decided today at work I needed to hang layouts in my I scrapped one for each Kelvin and beloved dogs. Why not Andy you say? He already has one prominently displayed.

I scraplifted these from Gina Miller's That Pout layout. Here are my babies...

Credits: kit-Andrew James by Gina Miller at Scrapbook Bytes; fonts-CK Artisan and Impact (title)

Credits: kit-Emily Rae by Gina Miller at Scrapbook Bytes; fonts-CK Artisan and CK Dandy (title)

Aren't they the sweetest pups you've ever seen? I know I'm a proud mama and they and Andy are the main reasons I can deal with my struggle with infertility.

But I don't feel like talking about that now. My mom finally visited my blog today! Hi Mom! She even left a comment. I've been asking her to since I put up the vacation photos...but no mom...or no dad either...Where are you Dad?

Well I'm pretty much finished saving my psd's. Now I want to put my jpeg's on disk. Later!

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Stephanie said...

Your pups are super cute! I know what you mean about them being such a comfort. I don't know what I would do without my "little" Sheba! :)