Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sunny, Sunny California Part I

Let me start by saying Andy and I are two incredibly lucky people. Why, you ask? Because the day we left for the great sunny state of California, Wisconsin was dumped with 8-14 inches of snow. Dumped! I haven't seen that much snow since I was in high school in the upper peninsula of Michigan! Well, I guess I didn't actually see it in person, rather on the Weather Channel as I slipped my feet into a pair of cute sandals. I mentioned in a previous post about our travel worries, but we ended up driving (well...I slept) to Chicago where our 3 p.m. flight didn't leave until 7 p.m. We got to Chicago about 9:30 a.m. ...so it was a looooong day. I must say there are only so many Cinnamon Dolce Lattes one girl can drink!

Needless to say, once we got to the hotel in Anaheim we headed straight to bed with nothing but sleep on our minds. Friday morning, Andy the ever punctual to my "things-don't-happen-until-I-get-there" attitude, woke up early and began to stress that we weren't going to make it to the taping of Joey on time. May I mention this was 8 a.m. and we didn't have to be at the studio until 3 p.m. I was not worried but went along with it anyway. After breakfast we drove to Hollywood.

Now, if anyone saw the pair of crazy people in a convertible traveling along the 5 with the top down that was us. Before you have me committed, refer to the above paragraphs were I explain "We are from Wisconsin!" Yes, 60 degrees is cold, we do realize that, but it was 14 below in Wisconsin.

Andy driving the convertible in 60 degree weather.

This was my first time in California, but I'm glad others had prepared me for what to expect in Hollywood. Not really the glamorous place emblazoned on the screen of my favorite old movies, but it couldn't help wondering what it was really like back then. We strolled down the walk of fame and stopped at Grauman's Chinese Theatre where I had one goal and one goal only...to put my hands in the handprints of Judy Garland.

A perfect fit!

I LOVE Judy Garland! Some people have told me I look like her. I have been a Wizard of Oz nut since I first saw the movie on TV at the ripe age of two. When I was five I wouldn't answer to anything except Dorothy, much to the dismay of my parents. I would've officially changed my name, but when I wanted Dorothy written on my birthday cake, my mom told me Dorothy's birthday was in July and I would have to wait six months to open my presents. I liked presents more than the name...who wouldn't? LOL!

I dragged Andy into the Wax Museum...mostly because I felt I had to rather than wanted to, but don't tell Andy. It was ok. A lot of the newer statues didn't look at all like the actors. The most realistic...Hugh Hefner! I still think it was really him standing there! Whadya think?

Real or no?

I don't have any pictures of our next California adventure because we were told to leave our cameras and cell phones in the car before we took the shuttle to Warner Brothers to see Joey. It was painful as a scrapbooker, but I sucked it up for the chance to see Matt LeBlanc in person.

It was fascinating to watch a sitcom being filmed from start to finish. As a writer myself, I was particularly interested in the rewriting process when a joke didn't get the right reaction from the audience. The actors were dedicated and even though they were filming a comedy, it was all business between takes. Of course there were hilarious moments when Matt LeBlanc would try to screw up a fellow actor. Adam Goldberg was a guest star (I'm not sure his role has been revealed yet so I won't say who his character is). A very talented group!

It was a long evening though. Taping started at 5 and didn't get done until about 10:30. We stayed the entire time because there aren't too many opportunities for a Wisconsin girl to see a television show taping. The episode we saw was "Joey and the Critic." I don't know when it will air, but maybe you'll hear my laugh if you tune in...I'm pretty sure we'll all hear Andy!

Saturday was for Disneyland...THE most happiest place on earth! This was my first trip to Disney-anything. It was like a lifelong dream coming true! When I was two, I told my parents I was going to marry Mickey Mouse (yes, I had big dreams as a child). They told me I HAD to come home with a photo with Mickey. So Mom, Dad...here you go...sorry Andy had to get in the picture too...but he was just a little jealous...

What else is left after your childhood dreams come true?

I LOVE Disneyland! There is not another place on Earth were I can act like a kid and get away with it. (Other than Disney World, but I haven't been there yet.) I debated over getting my mouse ears right away or waiting until the day was over. After one trip through "It's a Small World" I shucked off any adult worries and declared that I would enjoy myself...I would have fun...yes, I would be a kid again! It was very liberating and I plan to do it more often. (Sorry Andy.)

The detail behind every aspect of the park was incredible! I'm still at awe! There wasn't a single detail left undone. I walked (floated actually) away once again believing in magic and that my dreams will come true...something you tend to forget once you grow up...but I vow to never forget again.

How can a world with a view like this not be filled with magic and hope?

I will write more tomorrow. It's late and I must go to bed.

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Stephanie said...

Wow, you packed a lot into this trip! Can't wait to read Part II. :)