Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sunny, Sunny California Part II

Still believe in magic? I do!

Disneyland...that is one fantastic place!

We went on some unbelievable rides! My favorite?..Hmmmm...I really liked Pirates of the Carribbean. As I mentioned before the detail of the entire park was amazing...but during this ride nothing was over looked! We also went on Indiana Jones (which scared me to death! Well the snake part only), Star Wars, Buzz Lightyear, It's a Small World and the infamous Tea Cups. Andy spun our tea cup a little too fast and he wasn't feeling the best afterward.

During our tea cup ride, the parade went by. We had pretty good seats as it went right by the ride.

View from the parade from our Tea Cup.

My favorite place was Mickey's Toontown! Again the detail...we entered and felt like we stepped into a cartoon. I loved the cartoonish hills in the background. Mickey's house was the obvious first stop, even though he wasn't there at that time. (We had to go back later to meet him)

Lounging in Pluto's bed.

Andy sampling a tasty beverage.

Who said I couldn't do any crafting? Knitting a few at Minnie's house.

Make a wish! (Hmmmm...whadya think I'm wishing for here?)

Just as we were leaving people were crowding Main Street again for another parade. I couldn't miss the parade at night! Yeah, I was that adult...sitting with the kids taking tons of photos and video. I loved every minute!

Cinderella and her prince during the evening parade.

On Sunday we went back to Hollywood were it was a little more busy than on Friday. This time there were gates and security surrounding the Walk of Fame near the Kodak Theater. Me, the ever curious, asked and found out it was to prepare for the Oscars. We went to the Hollywood museum in the Max Factor building that had many artifacts of old time Hollywood and a whole lot of Barbara Streisand.

The highlight of Sunday was sunny Santa Monica. Unfortunatly it was a lot colder than it appeared, especially on the pier. I loved all the dogs...dogs everywhere! Even Barnes and Nobel. It made me miss my babies even more. Look at these gorgeous views...

We returned to snowy, snowy Wisconsin on Monday with some souvenirs, a little sun burn on Andy's head and our memories. I can't wait to begin to scrapbook this trip!

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Stephanie said...

Your photos are so much fun! Looks like a great trip. :)
Thanks so much for your kind comments and I really appreciate your prayers.