Sunday, March 12, 2006

As previously mentioned...what I wish I knew then...

As I posted a few entries ago, my 10-year class reunion is coming up. Those who have reached this benchmark of life, knows there is so much that is learned during these 10 years. So much, work, relationships, perhaps children, new friends, new experiences, maybe moving to another part of the country. I remember thinking I had life all figured out by then...I couldn't be further from it...I still don't have it figured out! I probably never will!

This is where I thought I'd be (according to a fill-in-the-blank memory book I kept my senior year) along with where I really am:

Life goal: To teach music, make a change. "I want to interest children in all kinds of music."
What I became: I sell advertising for a local radio station.

Scholastic plans after high school: To attend UW-Marinette (2 year school) for two years and major in music education. After that, finish at UW-Green Bay.
What I really did: Attended UW-Marinette for two years, won Miss Northeast Wisconsin with a scholarship to Marian College in Fond du Lac. Changed my major to early childhood education. Went to Marian...switched my major to communications, specifically journalism. Marian dropped their journalism program. Transferred to UW-Oshkosh where I started majoring in Radio-TV-Film and minoring in journalism. Did that for a year, then switched my major to journalism and graduated two years later, after six years in school.

Marriage and family outlook: I had planned to get married to my high school boyfriend August of 2000. (We even had a date!) I thought we'd have 3 children, starting a year after marriage.
What really happened: High school boyfriend went in Army, was stationed in Germany and married the first girl he met and after the thought broke up with me in a letter. (I'm still not kidding!) I went through the usual mix of bad boyfriends...driving my parents crazy! Then Oct. 9, 1999 I met Andy. We were engaged a year later and married on June 1, 2002. We started trying to have a family a year after we got married, but are still trying after almost three years.

What I would own: A red sports car and a piano.
What I own: a house, a black Saturn and a kick-ass computer!

Where I would live: In Menominee, MI, in the country not too far from my family and where I grew up.
Where I live: Two hours away from hometown.

Where I would travel: France and Disney World
Where I've traveled: Bahamas, Belize, New York City, Brazil and Disneyland!

In a comment to my previous post, Gina recommended I use her Build Your Own Bulletin Board kit (in case you're interested, its available at Scrapbook Bytes!) to journal my memories. I wrote a list of 10 things I wish I knew then and scrapped it with a couple of senior photos.

Credits: kit-BYOBB kit and add-on by Gina Miller (note-I recolored the ribbon to match my school colors); font-Susie's Hand and Type Upright BT

Here's my list:
10 things I wish I knew 10 years ago
1. Beauty is nice, but don’t judge yourself with it. Concentrate on the inside and it will shine out.
2. Take credit for what you do well, but don’t be afraid to give credit to others when it’s due.
3. Your life doesn’t have to be mapped out at age 18.
4. You don’t know what love is until you have something to compare it to.
5. Trust your instincts and your heart, regardless what your head is saying.
6. Acting like you’re not as smart as you really are, just to make others feel better about themselves, is just dumb.
7. Don’t apologize for how you really feel.
8. Write thank you notes to those who help you.
9. Don’t be afraid to try and experience new things…there is so much to enjoy.
10. You’re really not fat.

Words of wisdom! Would I really have listened to this, probably not...I probably wouldn't be who I am today without my experiences. It's just good to remember what you've learned along the way.


Gina said...

I just love this Melissa!!! I love, love, love what you journaled 10 years ago compared to now. I may have to lift that fun idea. ;) Your page turned out great too! Wasn't it fun working with old pictures? :)

And OMG- I can't believe your HS boyfriend did that!!!

susan said...

This is a great entry - what wonderful thoughts and I love your page and the 10 thoughts. I might have to scraplift that one for sure! Love the comparision about where you thought you would be and where you are now. Isn't life amazing? And I can't believe your old BF did that either!!

Stephanie said...

Great list and layout!