Thursday, March 9, 2006

Oh sooo tired...but my butt is getting smaller

My Lental resolution is to work out more because I really can't give anything up, so tonight a friend and I went to a "Cardio Fusion" class at the Y. OMG!!!! Doing that twice a week will really get me in shape for my 10-year class reunion! My butt is going to melt off by that time.

I read many blogs were people talk about cute things their children do...well, since I have not been blessed with children...I have to tell stories about my dogs. Let me preface this...I have two dogs Kelvin (5-year-old Cocker) and Dakota (4-year-old lab). Obviously Dakota is bigger, but Kelvin is older and the boss...always was...always will be. Both are crazy for attention!

This morning I was getting ready for work. The dogs were playing by the bed...Dakota was wrapped up in the comforter and while trying to break free she kept spinning in circles...only to get herself wrapped further and further. My Dakota is a little on the lazy she gives up and lies down on the floor beneath the blankets. There is a little place were she can look Kelvin being the typical big brother goes and sits on the blankets blocking her from getting out.

Ok this is a total you had to be there story. Sorry. But someday when I am blessed with children I'm going to be ready for sibling rivalry issues.

I did some scrapping tonight. I've been using a lot of Gina Miller's stuff lately, but the freebie kit she offered on her blog the other day fit perfectly with these photos. It was just a summer afternoon with the rest of the Ives...

Credits: kit-Spring Thaw by Gina Miller; font-Copperplate Bold

I really like how this layout came together and the simplicity of it.

Well I have to go to bed...Happy Friday! (because it will probably be Friday before anyone reads this!)

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Stephanie said...

I love it!!! I think part of the reason I love all your layouts is that I can steal your ideas for my *shhh* paper scrapbooks. I swear, as soon as I finish the ones I started I will do more digi stuff!

And the dog story is great! I can totally picture them. Maybe we need to get Sheba a little brother or sister. ;)