Friday, March 10, 2006

Reminisce of thinner days...

Yesterday Gina posted an old photo of herself on her blog and it made me reminisce of my thinner days in high school. I was the skinny cheerleader. Yes...that one. Not that I was rude or stuck up or anything...really being a cheerleader at my high school wasn't all glory that they promote in movies. My freshman year they called us the dog pound! How insulting! I wasn't the most popular girl...and not the least. I was middle of the road. Just enough drama...but not too much...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Here I am...I'm either 16 or 17 in this photo. I was modeling clothes in a fashion show at the local mall, which was how I got clothes in high school.

Pretty hot stuff, hey? LOL! Can you believe I thought I was fat?! I really have no interest being this skinny again...but I can definately loose a few.

I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since I graduated from high school! I totally am going to have to create a "What I didn't know then" page. I went to a smaller high school with a graduation class of 182 (started with over 230, but that's another story). I'm from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which if you're not familiar with the place is very unusual. Seriously a date is ice fishing...really!

I dated the same guy all through high school...and we even became engaged senior year. Not a good idea. That lasted about oh...a year and few months....before he married someone else! Seriously! Doesn't that make a great soap opera plot?! Where is he now? Have no clue...but I think he's been divorced at least twice. I have one word for that....KARMA! (Did you catch My Name is Earl?) LOL!

Have a great weekend!


Stephanie said... I'm going to have to pull out the old high school photos! I was also that middle of the pack cheerleader at a small school w/a graduation class of 192!

Gina said...

You were so cute!!! I hate that us skinny girls actually thought we were fat. WTH is up with that?! You should do a BYOBB page with this picture- jot down a few memories on notepaper. :) That's what I did with an old kickline photo!