Thursday, March 16, 2006

Excitement at 2Peas...

*I actually wrote this entry last night, but due to Blogger and a crabby husband, it didn't post. Have a happy Thursday (Yes, finally Thursday!)*
Unless you've been under a rock for the past week or so (or never visit 2Peas, which you may as well as be under a rock! LOL!) you probably know all about the HOF calls that went out this afternoon and early evening. I didn't enter, but it's so hard NOT to get caught up in all the excitement! The results won't be public for another week so all the winners had to make up annon names to post their excitement. I just checked the digi board a minute ago and there are four---yes, FOUR---digi HOFer's! Whoo hooo!!! I can't wait to see you they are and drool over their work in upcoming issues of CK!

I really want to enter next year now...not that I'll make it or anything...but just to do it. So many entrants said it made their scrapping so much better. Those challenges were tough!

It's been awhile since a real post, but not much is new here, except the fact I've upped the activity level about 75%! I worked out Monday, then did Cardio Fusion again last night...tonight what did I do...let my muscles relax (ie. slept on the couch and missed American Idol) :( Tomorrow though...back at it...probably the elliptical and some weights. (That's right yoga, but no scrapping either!)

Since I'm about to fall asleep at my desk...I'm going to leave you with new layouts...well one layout and then I used the BOYBB kit to decorate my tablet.

Credits: Sweetie Pie kit by Gina Cabrera (Designing with Digital); flowers-Melany Violette; fonts-CK Aritisan and CK Legacy

Credits: BYOBB kit by Gina Miller (Scrapbook Bytes)

*YAWN* Have a good night!


Stephanie said...

OK, so now you have motivated me to step up my activity level too. I promise I will either go to the gym, do my Firm workout, or rollerblade tonight! :) Still love the 1st layout. And the table decor is really neat too.

Angedawn said...

Oh, I love your decorated tablet... what a cool cool idea! :) I noticed that you tagged me... and I have seen that survey a while back... lol! :) I filled it out and answered it right here:

about two thirds down that page... I don't know how to link you right to that spot! :) I love your blog and I'll surely check in with you more often! :)

susan said...

So cool that digi girls are included!! Yes, you should submit next year - your LO are wonderful!